The water cycle experience



>Cykeltur på søen


So we went to Peblingesøen, just off Dronning Louises Bro, where the café Kaffesalonen is located. On their pontoon in the lake we hired a pedalo. 50 kr. for an hour. We brought two glasses of wine and then we were off – out in to the middle of the lake. You are not allowed to pedal below Dronning Louises Bro and onto Sortedamssøen, which means you have to stay in Peblingesøen. But fortunately it is also big enough! It was around 19 o’clock​​, but Copenhagen was still very warm, so it was great with a light (and it was a very easy) sea breeze. We biked down towards Søpavillionen, which is actually very pretty seen from the lake-side. There were swans and gulls and quite quiet in the middle of Peblingesø. The traffic weren’t noisy, and we could barely hear the voices of the many Copenhageners enjoying an evening stroll around the lakes. The sun was setting, and it was an amazing experience to paddle around in the last rays of the sun. We can only recommend that you pack your bag, bring a little music, a little wine and perhaps a slice of bread and cheese – and then just padle off to a super experience in a pedalo in the middle of Peblingesøen – surrounded by the city and traffic, but in a strange og magical silence. I am sure that both of us will go rent a pedalo once again before the summer is over. / Anne

Vandcykeltur juli 2010 005

Vandcykeltur juli 2010 013

Vandcykeltur juli 2010 018