Second hand furniture heaven


At the end of Holmbladsgade in Amager is Den Blå Hal (The Blue Warehouse) located. And I’ve heard a lot about Den Blå Hal, so when I got the chance I went there. And if I ever wondered if it would be worth the bikeride I am now quite sure, that it’s worth every pedal move to go visit Den Blå Hal.


As the name suggests Den Blå Hal is a warehouse FILLED with stuff and things: furniture, boxes, gizmos, lamps, books, magazines, records, you think of it and you will find it here! In other words, Den Blå Hal is a paradise for someone like me who LOVES gizmo!





A visit to the Blue Hall is like going on a timetravel across the ages – for everywhere it feels like you are in a time warp. Here you’ll find interesting, funny and amaxzin gizmos from the 50s, 60s, 70s alongside all the gizmos from your childhood memories of the 80s.



It was an amazing experience – and even though I actually did not buy anything (I was completely paralyzed by all the fine stuff), and I will definetely be back! And the next time I will not leave emptyhanded! / Anne