Johannah Jørgensen | Københavnersnuden #31


Johannah Jørgensen is a 22 year old Danish-Canadian artist based in Copenhagen. Her work mediates between analogue photography, music, short film production and design. Active in the underground music cultures of Copenhagen and motivated by DIY ethics and aesthetics, Johannah’s focus is on music and portrait photography of the local scene. Johannah plays in the wave-punk band, Metro Cult, and coldwave band, Artificial Monuments. Metro Cult will be releasing their 2nd 7” in a few months and Artificial Monuments is in the process of recording a full-length.

LC: Where do you live?
JJ: I live by Nørrebro Station.

LC: Where do you go for a walk?
JJ: I suppose I go for a walk in all directions. It depends on my mood, the weather, and how much time I have. In the summer, it’s lovely to take your bike out to Christianshavn and down to Amagerstrand. But in the winter, I find it’s nice to explore the forests.

LC: Where do you drink coffee?
JJ: I’m not a coffee drinker actually, but I do love a good cup of tea. In which case, just some place that is cozy and not too crowded is always good. There are of course some nice cafés in Pisserenden, like The Living Room.

LC: Where do you go out to eat?
JJ: I mostly cook at home, but there have been some rare occasions where I’ve eaten out. (I think I have only been to about 5 actual ‘restaurant’ type places since living here – hey, that’s about one a year!) But for that rare occasion there are definitely nice places around. Cafe N in Nørrebro makes nice vegan and vegetarian dishes as does Morgenstedet in Christiania.

LC: Where do you party?
JJ: I aggregate mostly around Nørrebro and Nordvest and it’s usually a good concert or event that brings me around the city. Ungdomshuset, Drone, and BumZen are my favourite places. Good people, good music, good energy.

LC: Where do you get inspired?
JJ: One of the things that gets me most motivated and inspired is a midnight run. That, and attending exhibitions or shows for contemporary local artists. But I find I’m often getting inspired by diverse things, which can make me a bit unfocused in terms of my interests cause then I just want to try everything. Haha.

LC: Where is your favorite spot in the city?
JJ: Nørrebro is where I feel at home.

LC: When is the last time you felt in love with the city?
JJ: I think the ‘city’ moments that are often most pleasant for me is when you have some early morning appointments or places to be and you’re biking through the city at 5:00 am before there is much traffic on the road. It’s so calm and peaceful and you can actually take in the beauty of the city without being overwhelmed or stressed by pedestrians, bikes, or cars. 

LC: What is your best memory in the city?
JJ: Oh, I’ve had many wonderfully fun memories in the city. They can all be so different, so it’s a bit hard to narrow it down to my favourite. I think a refreshing swim down by Refshaleøen, finished with a drink while you dry out, before going to a show represents a good Copenhagen summer to me. I try to get in as many of those days come the summer months.

LC: Your recommendation for a great day in the city?
JJ: A good way to get out of the same city routine for me is to act like a tourist in your own city. Check out some exhibitions or museums you have yet to see, pack a lunch and take the train out somewhere for a nice walk, and then go to a concert in the evening. You gain a different perspective by doing something a little different than your everyday school or work.

LC: The perfect soundtrack to Copenhagen?
JJ: Sods – Copenhagen.

Thank you so much for the interview, Johannah – and keep doing what you do – we’re fans!