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“So last night was fun!” How many times do I say that every week? I say that pretty much every morning. But Tuesday night was ridiculously fun. Why? Because I got to see MS/MR live at Pumpehuset, that’s why. One of my favourite bands entertained the hell out of a small, dedicated audience, and now I’m in love.

MS/MR, live at Pumpehuset

I take music seriously. When I was younger, I took it personally if someone spoke badly about my favourite band. They’d might as well have trashed talk about me – better, they SHOULD’VE trash talked about me to my face instead, that would’ve been much easier for me to take. It always felt like it was me they were talking about anyways. One of my friends once told me: ”Why must I absolutely have the same taste as you? Why can’t we just disagree on this one?” when I tried to convince her, that Sinead O’Conner was not only a great singer – she was also smart and beautiful. I looked at her, thought about it for a moment, and then I said: ”Because my taste is better than yours – I’m teaching you, don’t you get that?” I was an arrogant little 11-year-old fart. Someone should’ve taught me a lesson.

MS/MR, live at Pumpehuset

No one did, though, which is why I still have the best taste, and now I’m going to teach you something: Melancholic electro pop music turns into a party, even on a lousy Tuesday night – if it’s the right people who are delivering the music to you. That’s what a crowd of happy Copenhageners learned Tuesday night, when American MS/MR visited Pumpehuset. The concert was not sold out, and at the beginning of the concert I feared that it was going to rub off on the performance of MS/MR. It must be difficult to start a party, if the room is half empty. Fair enough – the venue was not half empty, but MS/MR is not a big name in Copenhagen, and therefore the concert was not sold out. I guess there were approximately 400 people.

MS/MR, live at Pumpehuset

My worries were put to shame the second the band came on stage. “Oh my God! She has the perfect smile – she looks like a superhero!” my friend and I said to each other. “And look at him dance. He has the perfect moves!” The drumbeat, loud, heavy and persistent, made our feet and hips move, and the front singer, Lizzy Plapinger, with long burning red hair and a super tight one-piece with stars on it, danced like this was the one concert she had been waiting to perform all her life. Max Hershenow (what a fabulous last name, are you kidding me?!) was her fantastic side kick, the perfect supplement to Lizzy, who had all eyes on her. I loved that both Max and Lizzy danced and smiled all of the time – just like when you see a new band performing. The joy of being on stage and having a party was so very infectious.

MS/MR, live at Pumpehuset

I haven’t listened that much to the new album, and shame on me for that – because live at a concert, the songs really promises a lot; they make you want more. Which has always been my problem with good music. It’s just like giving candy to a child. The minute the last piece is gone, you want more. Now. I sort of feel like that with MS/MR, who made me more than happy with songs like Criminals, Painted and Leave Me Alone. Every line of the songs are delivered with a uniqueness that makes me want to linger at the words, and listen to them over and over again. And one thing I don’t get is how Lizzy can dance; wildly almost, and STILL sing perfectly endearing, passionate and powerful? She must be – and she looks like she is – in a very good shape. Sassy.

MS/MR, live at Pumpehuset

The first album, Secondhand Rapture, is one of my favourite albums, and therefore I was looking more forward to listen to songs from that album than from the new. So when they introduced one of the best and powerful songs of this decade, Think of You, I almost fainted. Almost, I kept my cool and danced instead. I L.O.V.E. that song! I love everything about it. The drums, the lyrics, the synths, the vocal. I just freaking love it, and I must have listened to it about 10.000 times – yesterday alone, as a warm-up for the concert, I made it to 22 times. And I still love it.

But the most charming moment in the concert was actually when Lizzy began to sing the lyrics in Dark Doo Wop, before she was supposed to. She laughed out loud (yes, she did, LOL), and asked the band to start all over. Everyone was laughing with her – and the party was even more happening after that moment. A very charming way to come around a ‘mistake’. Loved that.

After en hour, the band left the stage, leaving the audience of course wanting more. We all knew they would come back – can’t fool us, we’re friends now, Lizzy & Max & the audience. So when they entered the stage to play Bones and Hurricane – two of the most fantastic songs (and biggest hits) of Secondhand Rapture, everyone went wild, especially the girl in front of me, who deeply wanted to jump up and down to Hurricane, which is pretty much impossible, the song having a fairly slow beat. But, fuck it, she was determined, and she jumped, slowly. That’s what MS/MR does to you. They make you want to do the impossible. Like starting a party on a Tuesday night in Copenhagen. Which is not at all impossible, if MS/MR is attending the party.

MS/MR, seriously, that concert was worth waiting for, now that I didn’t get to see you in New York last year. I like you a lot. A lot a lot. Come back soon.

See you,

MS/MR, live at Pumpehuset

I am not going to apologize, but I feel kind of embarrassed. We are standing talking by the bar after the concert, my friend and me. Suddenly, MS/MR is standing at the small podium behind us. “I want to say hello!” I tell my friend and move towards the podium. Next thing I know, I’m throwing myself into the arms of both Lizzy and Max – the latter one out bursting: “I’m pretty sweaty, just so you know.” Too late, their fan is out-of-control-happy. Just wanted to give them a hug and say thank you. I’m afraid that could have been a bit less awkward, but again – MS/MR is a happy duo, enjoying themselves, even in front of fans in a frenzy. Sorry about that. And thanx.

MS/MR, live at Pumpehuset
Me, explaining about LoveCopenhagen, after an impulsive hug.



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